Catering in Wilmette

Wilmette is a charming village situated in Cook County, IL of which Cork Catering happily caters to. Located in New Trier Township, Wilmette has been ranked seventh when it comes to some of the best places to raise children in the United States. Wilmette also comes in at number 47 on the list of highest income places in the country. In 2010, Wilmette had a population of nearly 30,000 people, a figure which has slightly increased over the years. Due to its small population, the place has always been commonly referred to as a bedroom or commuter community. In fact, most of the village’s working class commute to and from downtown Chicago which is located 14 miles away. Wilmette is a convenient location for many businesses throughout Chicago to “get away” and host a meeting or even newlywed couples to plan a wedding. At Cork Catering, we meet catering needs for these events and more.



Wilmette’s history can be traced back to the 1820s when the U.S. Government awarded a piece of land to a French-Canadian fur trader by the name Ouilmette. The token was given to Ouilmette after he persuaded the Native Americans to sign the Treaty of Prairie du Chien. Ouilemette later sold the land to German Catholic farmers in the 1840s. Wilmette survived several wars and annexations before it developed into the calm village it is presently.



One of the features which define Wilmette is its famous urban forest. The forest has been in existence since 1983 and is home to more than 150 tree species and sub-species. Thanks to the well-developed forest, Wilmette has enjoyed the Tree City status since its development. Another unique feature is Lake Michigan, which not only facilitates transport and commerce but also acts as a tourist attraction.


While Wilmette is known for its good education system, it also prides itself in being a tourist destination for most people visiting Illinois for the first time. The village happens to be home to the only Bahai House of Worship, which is also categorized among the seven wonders of Illinois. Wilmette also has its own theatre multiplex named after it. The Wilmette Theatre shows contemporary movies as well as classic films and performances.


For those who love to shop, Wilmette has various malls and shopping centers. In fact, Plaza del Lago, one of the oldest shopping centers in the country, is located in the village. If you happen to be in Wilmette, you can take part in fun sporting activities at the beach. The village also has ice-skating, tennis and swimming pool facilities. You can also enjoy a walk or drive in Gillson Park. This park is big and green and connects to a lake. There is a little playground to keep the kids busy and many families also choose to take a slow drive in the park gazing at many of the beautiful homes situated here. And, we best not forget Keay Nature Center, which features a pond and secluded nature preserve. Visitors appreciate visiting here as many of the specimen trees in this park are clearly identified, leaving room for a little bit of education. For those choosing to bike or hike, they will be welcomed with a half-mile trail that passes many memorial plaques.


Did We Mention Catering in Wilmette?

Wilmette may look like a small village to most, but in reality, it is a hub of activity. Whether you need catering services for a simple business lunch for a small group or a very important sit-down dinner for hundreds, we always give our best and you should expect no less. By working with us, you’ll get answers to all of the questions you might have about planning an event in Wilmette. Take advantage of our event planning services today. We proudly offer a wide variety of menu items and are happy to also design catering packages dependent upon your needs. Our most popular menu packages include those for weddings, holidays and corporate functions. Call Cork Catering today at 888-932-3233.