Catering for Seminars

Employees need to be trained and continuing education classes need to be provided in nearly every type of career path that there is. Cork Catering & Special Events is your number one event planner in Chicago for all kinds of seminars and we are here to help you make sure that the students and employees involved get the most out of what you have to offer. Don’t let them succumb to boredom during the seminar and don’t let them go hungry either! Give your guests a reason to want to attend the seminar that you offer and they will get more out of your event than you ever thought possible!


Large or Small, We Do It All!

Cork Catering offers expertise in management and services for seminars and other team building events in Chicago, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on the important educational materials that you’ll need to present instead of worrying about the details in setting up and executing your event. Give your seminar some flair, no matter how many people are meant to attend, and your students, corporate executives or employees will enjoy learning what you have brought to the table.


  • Get help managing the signup and prospective size of your seminar. You’ll be able to put together the necessary lessons without having to keep track of who will be attending.
  • Let our event planners assist you in finding the venue for your seminar. We have relationships with many of Chicagoland’s finest venues to meet whatever needs you may have.
  • There are other materials that you’ll need besides a venue and help managing your event. Depending on the kind of seminar you’re putting on, you may need PA systems, speakers, microphones, projectors, screens, and other technical equipment. The staff at Cork Catering knows how to obtain and set up everything that you’ll need so that all you’ll have to worry about bringing is your materials and your expertise.


Don't Forget to Feed Your Guests

Seminars can run for hours, a day, an entire weekend or even an entire week. You’ll need to feed your attendees during that time and why not give them a spread that makes the seminar even better? Cork Catering can bring you Chicago’s best with one of our own menus or by helping you create your own. Consider a hot breakfast to start the day, a casual lunch break, brain enhancing snacks, an elegant dinner or cocktail party at the end of the day to encourage questions, networking, and a good ending to an excellent seminar. We are here with flexible options and unique choices to make sure that the food you serve looks as professional and well thought out as the rest of your event.


We're Here for Your Next Seminar

The event planners at Cork Catering & Special Events are standing by to assist you in bringing your guests the most informative and well organized seminar with a splash of fun and style unique to your subject matter. If you're looking for catering for a larger event, such as a conference or convention, we can also help. Contact us today at 888-932-3233 for a consultation and let us lend you some of our expertise so that the process of planning your event is easier than you ever thought it could be.