Glencoe Catering Services

The Final Ingredient for a Successful Event


Do you have plans to host an event with catering in Glencoe? With beautiful bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, what a fantastic choice. Whether you are local to the area, or have spotted the potential of Glencoe as your venue spot, you may know that this beautiful little village offers a lovely quaint community, which is far removed from the hustle and bustle of Chicago. You can make the most of the stunning parks and beach views with your Glencoe event, whether it may be a wedding, a corporate event, or any type of special event that you might have in mind.


If you have made a choice with your venue, whether it be The Grove at Redfield Estates, the Woman’s Club of Evanston or Parks at the Skokie Lagoon, you are half way there to a fabulous event, providing you with just the right backdrop to create the magic, or success you are looking for on the day. We believe that there is one final ingredient to a truly successful event: the catering. Create an all-round unforgettable celebration by pleasing all the senses, offering an all-round amazing experience that you and your guests will remember. At Cork Catering & Special Events, we believe that the perfect recipe for an effective catering service includes: Food, Innovation, People and Celebration.


Cork Catering & Special Events is a leading supplier of food catering services in Glencoe. We are the sister company to Corky's Catering, which has been serving catering at events across Illinois for 35 years to help individuals and companies, whether they may be corporate, social, non-profit, or cultural institutions, to realize their perfect events. With plentiful experience up our sleeve, we can truly focus and deliver on exceeding our clients’ expectations to create a truly wonderful occasion.


What Can You Expect in Glencoe?

With meticulously high quality service, we bring innovative fresh menus to the table with pride. Whatever your vision, we will be sure to provide you with tailored catering to match.


We understand the amount of thought that goes into organizing your event; after all, we have been assisting event organizers for over 30 years. This is why our prompt, professional team will deliver your catering wherever you choose; reducing the extra work you have to put in on the run up to the event. We also deliver seven days a week in Glencoe, from 7 AM to 7 PM, and can deliver after these times on request, adapted around your schedule. Our professionally trained drivers will also come and arrange your catered event for you with care and dedication. You can also marvel your guests with our certified service staff and Basset certified bartenders, porters and captains, who will attend to the every detail of your catering needs with pride. We can also help you to transform your venue to realize your dream Glencoe event by providing quality rental décor.


Where Should You Go in Glencoe?

There are many venue options in Glencoe for a variety of types of events. This is why we also offer advice on helping you to choose the most suitable and pleasing venue to realize your vision. Please give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you. We have contacts with many local venues in Glencoe, as well as an in depth understanding of the local area. It will be our pleasure to help you navigate the venues of Glencoe.


If you already have a dream event and venue in mind, you are ready to start to make it come true. Please contact us at (630) 396-3060, and it will be an honor for us to help you to turn your event into reality.