Catering for Board Meetings

When was the last time you attended a board meeting? Do you remember? If not, it’s probably because it wasn’t as memorable as we make it with Cork Catering & Special Events. The setting where you and your colleagues discuss the state of your business and what’s coming for the future is extremely important. It’s the stage that shows off what you can do and what the people invested in your company can expect. An air of professionalism as well as style, elegance, and the grace of skilled managers will show the members of your board that you have what it takes to meet these expectations. Cork Catering & Special Events of Chicago knows how to make that impression and we want to bring it to your next board meeting!


Make an Entrance

Just because it’s a board meeting doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impression. We don’t suggest that you walk into the room juggling knives, but there are some ways that you can ensure that everyone in your board meeting sees the confidence emanating from you as soon as you enter. Cork Catering has relationships with some of Chicago’s most stunning venues, made to give your board meeting the stage that works best.


The Second Act

A great board meeting requires the attention of the participants through perfect execution and of course, great food. Your visuals should be clean and crisp, your audio balanced with the acoustics of the room, and your seating positioned for a successful presentation. And don’t forget a meal or two that everyone will remember. We are here to help you show off your hard work and wow your colleagues!



When the members of your board come into the meeting that you have set up, you may want coffee or other refreshments available for them to enjoy during the meeting. While you’re talking to them, you can work in a short intermission where appetizers or snacks are served by servers that are as professional as the rest of the setup that you’ve created. Give them something more to love about your meeting and to break up the time so that the next leg of your presentation feels fresh and new. We are committed to providing whatever you need to make this happen.



When the board meeting is over, don’t let the party stop! Treat your colleagues to a cocktail party or dinner that will ensure that they never forget what you had to say. This is also an opportunity for you to speak with the board members casually and find out what they thought of your presentation in a more relaxed setting. Whether you use one of our set menus or create your own, Cork Catering & Special Events is dedicated to bringing you the best that Chicago has to offer.


Start Planning

Your next board meeting could be a month from now or a year from now. Either way, it’s never too early or too late to put together a presentation that will get your point across clearly and professionally, followed by a delicious meal and the satisfaction of a perfect event. Contact us today and start planning with our Chicago event coordinators standing by! Also, keep in mind that we cater larger events as well, including conferences, seminars & team building events.