Barrington Catering Services

A Truly Unique Corporate, Wedding or Social Event Catering Experience


The lovely suburban gem that is Barrington is an ideal location for a variety of types of events. With quaint features such as gazebos dotted around the village, and stunning features such as horse trails, parks and forest ground, hosting an event with top-class catering in Barrington is sure to be enchanting. With Chicago nearby, Barrington is also a hub of activity, proving it a fantastic choice to host a wedding, corporate event or any type of special event that you might have in mind. The perfect event, of course has two distinct features: a stunning venue and dazzling catering.


At Cork Catering & Special Events, we believe that the recipe for a successful catering service is: Food, Innovation, People, and Celebration. We are a leading supplier of food catering services to a variety of different individuals and companies, whether it may be corporate, social, non-profit, or cultural institutions. We are the sister company to Corky's Catering, which has been serving catering at events across Illinois for 35 years. With plentiful experience behind us helping event organizers create magical moments in Barrington with our catering services, everything we do is focused on pleasing our clients and our guests, and so truly marvelous occasions are realized.


Select from Our Innovative Fresh Menus in Barrington

With passionately dedicated service, we bring innovative fresh menus to the table with the care and pride that you and your guests would expect from Barrington catering. We will personalize our service according to your vision of your event in Barrington, meaning that no one event is the same as the next. It is truly unique to the moments created between you and your guests. We understand how it feels to organize an event; after all, we have been supporting event organizers for over 30 years. This is why our prompt, professional team will deliver right to your door, avoiding you any extra worries. We offer around the clock delivery services seven days a week in Barrington and the surrounding areas. Our professionally trained drivers will also set up your catered event for you with care and dedication. Tantalize your guests' taste buds and pamper your attendees with our premium Barrington catering service. With our certified service staff and Basset certified bartenders, porters, and captains, one cannot go wrong. We can also help you transform your venue to realize your dream by providing quality rental decor. When you work with us, you'll be sure to impress.


Pick the Perfect Place in Barrington

If you need help in choosing the most suitable and pleasing venue in Barrington to match your event and vision, we are more than happy to put our expertise and experience of the area to good use. Please do give us a call, and we will be more than happy to advise you. We have contacts with local venues, as well as an in depth understanding of the local area. We would love to help you navigate the venues of Barrington.


Are you ready to see the realization of your creativity into an unforgettable event? Let us do the rest. Simply contact us at (630) 396-3060 to discuss turning your dream event into reality.